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Program Components

Extension Services Program Components A.Livelihood Skills Training 1.Baking 2.Cooking 3.Cosmetology 4.Dressmaking 5.Driving 6.Plumbing 7.Welding B.Literacy 1.Journalism 2.Computer 3.Tutorial 4.Lectures/Symposia C.Community Involvement and Participation 1.Environmental Conservation a.Clean-up b.Tree Planting c.Coastal clean-up 2.Civic/Religious Parade 3.Salakayan Festival 4.Alay Lakad 5.Volunteer Services – Building Ilonggo Habitat Housing Units D.Health and Nutrition Program 1.Feeding...

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Extension Services Objectives

OBJECTIVES A. Community Organization Equip adults, youth and children of the community with competencies for organizing, leading & managing. B. Educational Program Provide adequate knowledge through seminars/trainings to the partner schools for them to improve their teaching skills, values and strengthen family relationship. C. Socio-Economic Program 1. Provide adequate...

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Extension Services VMGO

Extension Services VMGO VISION Self-reliant communities in the service areas. MISSION The Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College WVCST – Miagao Campus as an instrument in providing the people with competencies to live a quality life. GOAL To provide competencies to the people in the service area making them improve their...

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