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List of Faculty

Teacher Education Program List of Faculty 1. Dr. Raul F. Muyong 2.Mrs. Sandra T. Examen 3. Miss Linda M. Nulada 4. Miss Rememdios N. Nieves 5. Mrs. Sharon G. Perucho 6.Dr. Domingo F. Nim 7. Mrs. Fritzy M. Balisang 8 .Mrs. Melly R. Brides 9. Mrs. Veronica E. Fajarillo...

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Goals and Objectives

Teacher Education Program Goals and Objectives Goals 1.To promote and maintain quality Teacher Education program pursuant to the regional and national development goals 2.To train future teachers and leaders in the field of scientific, liberal and technological education 3.To develop and implement relevant and updated Teacher Education curricula 4.To...

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