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Goals and Objectives

Information Technology Goals and Objectives

Goals of the Academic Unit

a. Promote and maintain quality Information Technology program pursuant to the regional and
national development goals
b. Develop and implement relevant and updated Information Technology curricula
c. Contribute to community development through outreach programs and activities

Objectives/Outcomes of the Program

1. To provide broad knowledge in the tool and major subjects to develop a world class
Information Technology graduates
2. To produce Information Technology graduates who are competent as PC Operators, Computer
Technicians, Computer Programmers, Graphic Artist and Web Designers / Developers
3. To promote research, advance studies and progressive leadership in the field of Information
4. To imbue students with cultural, moral, social, ethical and spiritual values to become
responsible members of their community  through curricular and co-curricular activities
5. To hone students innovativeness and creativity in Web designing/development, digital arts,
computer programming, and other Information Technology skills.