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Library Policy


A library, no matter how small, adopts its own system in charging and discharging library materials in order to record and trace the borrowers of the books.

1.In borrowing a book, the borrower presents his/her borrower’s card and the book he/she wishes to borrow from the librarian or library in-charge.
2.The borrower fills up the book card inserted at the book pocket attached to the book.
3.The borrower’s card and the book card are clipped together and filed alphabetically.
4.The date when the book is due is indicated on the date due slip attached to the book.
5.When the book is returned, the book card is pulled out on the file of loaned out books. The date when the book is returned is then indicated at the book card.
6.The book card is slipped back into the book pocket of the book returned.


Anyone who intends to search for information can use the SIPC-WVCST Miagao Campus Library.

1. Regular users – all bonafide faculty and staff members of SIPC- WVCST Miagao Campus
2. Alumni – graduates of SIPC-WVCST Miagao Campus could still avail of library services but for room use only.
3. Non-SIPC USERS – those visitors who intend to use the SIPC library with letter of permission from their respective institution.


Students should present their valid registration form in claiming for their library card. The Library Card is valid for the next year/s that a student studies at SIPC-WVCST Miagao Campus.

Importance of Library Cards

1. The Library card is required for entrance to the Library. “ No Library Card, No Entry”.
2. The Library card will enable the user to read, research, study, and do related work inside the library. She/He will be given privilege to use the library resources in the library for free. The library card is required to complete all library transactions.
3. The library card is non-transferable. Students found lending their library cards maybe deprived to their privileges for a period specified by the librarian.
4. The library card must be presented when claiming for clearance at the end of each term. It will also be validated at the library upon enrollment.

Lost Library Card

1. The library personnel should immediately be notified for the lost Library card so that its use can be terminated.
2. A 1×1 ID picture should be submitted to the library and should pay Php 10.00 at the cashiers’ office for the replacement of the lost card.

C. Borrowing Rights and Responsibilities

1. A Library card must be presented upon entry at SIPC-WVCST Miagao Campus Library, “ No Library Card, No Entry”.
2. Each student is entitled to borrow one book at a time.
3. Loaned books for overnight use should be returned the following day before 9:00 a.m.
4. Renewal of borrowed collection is permitted if the book is not in demand and limited in copies. Renewal must be made only once.
5. Reserved and general reference books as well as newspapers, journals and magazines are for library use only and cannot be loaned out.
6. A borrower can reserve books for his/her use as long as the book is not in demand and limited. Reserved books maybe taken out during the scheduled time. Books currently on loaned may not be reserved.
7. The borrower is required to borrow books personally for proper identification.

D. Fines/Penalty

All materials borrowed should be returned on due date and time. Failure to return borrowed collection on due a borrower will be charged Php 1.00 per hour until the time he/she returns the book.
The fine is charged when the library is open for service.

E. Photocopying

1. Photocopying of articles from books or magazines is allowed with the permission of library personnel.
2. A photocopying machine is available inside the library and that books or magazines cannot be taken out from the library.
3. In cases where photocopy machine is not available inside the library the user is allowed to take out the book for 30 minutes for photocopying purposes only.
4. Photocopying of Research Papers, Thesis and Dissertations is strictly prohibited.

F. Lost Books

1. Lost book borrowed must be reported immediately to the librarian
2. It must be replaced with the same title or must be paid according to the value of the book determined by the library. Payment of lost book must be at the cashier’s office.

G. Rules to Observed

1. Silence must always be observed inside the library. Silent reading is advisable. Loud conversations are strictly prohibited.
2. Smoking, eating, drinking, loitering and vandalizing are strictly prohibited.
3. Bags, folders, envelopes, and personal books not needed for study is not allowed inside the library. Secure valuable and personal properties such as, wallet, cellular phones and the like are to be brought inside the library. The librarian or library staff will not be held responsible for any loses that may occur.
4. All materials borrowed must be arranged and returned on its proper places.
5. cellular phones must be put off at all times.
6. Making of projects, laboratory works and non-research related activities are also prohibited.
7. Students are required to wear their school uniform with ID upon entering the library.
8. Maintain cleanliness in the library.

H. Library Hours

8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m Monday to Saturday

I. Research in Other Libraries

1. The library will issue a research permit for students who intend to research in other libraries.
2. Students must inform the library personnel the day before the research and present a validated library card upon requesting for permit.
3. One permit is good for five students.
4. Research should be made during weekdays only or depending upon the schedule of the library a student wishes to visit.
5. Research permit is valid on the date stated only.
6. The student is required to observe, follow rules, regulations and policies implemented by the library therein.

J. Use of Multimedia


1. Internet Users are required to sign in the log book provided before using the computer.
2. Ask assistance from authorized personnel in using the computer and if problem arises.
3. The use of computer is for first come first serve basis only. Reservation is not allowed.
4. Students are allowed to use the unit for one hour. Time extension is allowed if there is an available unit.
5. Only one person is allowed at a time. Others who wish to use the computer may wait outside the area unit a unit is available.
6. Computer is solely for research use only. Games, opening, adding and deleting of other files/program and other non-research related activities are strictly prohibited.
7. Users are required to use new diskettes for security reasons.
Internet Rates
Php 10./hour or a fraction of an hour.

Printing rates:
Php 3.00/page

Listening and Viewing Room

1. Use of LVR is on first come first served basis.
2. Instructor/Professor who would like to use the LVR should fill up the reservation form at least one day before the activity.
3. Instructor/Professor should be with their students during the film viewing to provide guidance and instruction.
4. Bringing of food and drinks is not allowed inside the LVR during the film viewing.
5. Instructor/Professor should requests their students to clean the LVR and arrange all the chairs and equipment before leaving the room.


1. Pull the book off the shelf from the spine with your fingers on the board. Push remaining books together so that they can support each other.
2. Leave Books upright and firmly supported on shelf when shelving or retrieving.
3. Protect books from both indoor and outdoor environmental elements. Before going out in the rain protect your books by placing them to your bag.
4. Properly support volume during use and during photocopying.
5. Treat all books with brittle paper with extreme care.
6. The covers should always be supported when the book is open.
7. Handle library materials with clean hands.


1. Do not mark library books with pencils, pens or highlighters.
2. Do not remove books by hooking your finger over the end cap (top) and pulling them.
3. Do not bring food or drinks on the library book stacks. Food remnants attract pests that attack the books.
4. Do not force a book into a space that is too small or too tight for it, instead place it on an available shelf.
5. Do not fold pages to mark your place in volume instead use bookmarks.
6. Do not place books on the floor or use them as a makeshift writing surface, seat or step stool.
7. Do not allow books to protrude over the edges of the shelf. They should be set about 1”.
8. Do not stick post it-on notes on library materials; they leave an adhesive residue.
9. Do not attach notes or other items on the books.