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The SIPC-WVCST Miagao Campus Library offers services to support the four-fold functions of the college: research; instruction; extension and production.

1.Research Service
The library is open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and other non-SIPC customers who wish to study and do research work. The Librarian as well as the library staff and student assistants is available anytime during library hours to serve and provide assistance and guidance to the research needs of the customers.

2.Internet Service
There is provision of separate room for internet section. Computer units are made available for surfing in this section in order to keep pace with technological advancement in conducting research.

3.Library Orientation
Library instruction is one of the services given to student which aims to acquaint them with library system and policy to be able to use the library effectively. Individual lectures are continuously done for library customers who need guidance in their research. Likewise, lectures and library tours are also given to some classes upon the request of faculty members.

4.Reserve Books Service
The section it houses all required reference materials of faculty members for students’ use. Materials are placed in this section to ensure that students have equal access to all these materials. In most cases reserve materials are limited in copies, expensive and which has greater value.

5.Filipiniana Service
Filipiniana Collections includes books and similar publications about the Philippines, published in the Philippines and by Filipino authors.

6.Circulation Service
The Library circulation service comprises the activities around the lending of books and other materials to customers. The Circulation is one of the sections in the library where all library transactions transpire.

7.Reference Service
The library has a well-organized Reference Section. The collections consist of ready reference materials such as Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias’, Handbooks, Yearbooks, important textbooks and special collections. The material in this section is released only for the purpose of photocopies and they cannot be taken out of the library.

Photocopying machine is provided to enable the clientele to reproduce particular information for research purposes. Photocopy limits to some particular resources in respect to the intellectual property rights of the publishers and authors.

9.Vertical Files Information
A file of important articles from newspapers, magazines are available. These are ready reference materials clipped out, organized by subject and arranged alphabetically for future references.

10.Periodicals and Serials
This area houses back issues and latest issues of journals, magazines, newspapers.

11.Information Dissemination
This service is provided to enhance the information campaign and to advertise the library and attract more customers. Regular announcements, bulletin board of information, orientations, lectures, library tours, and notices are consistently provided to bring information to the academic community.

12.Inter-Library Consortium
It is a service where students can conduct research in other libraries or institutions in the same manner that other institutions are welcome to send their students in the library to conduct research subject to its policy.

13.New Acquisitions
The library conducts regular selection and acquisitions of materials to update the library collections and provide customers with current editions of books and other reference materials.

14.Listening and Viewing Room Services
There is a provision of non-book collection or electronic resources that would enhance the teaching and learning process of the academic community. These are housed in a fully air-conditioned room where multimedia materials are provided. Instructors/ Professors can hold their classes by the use of modern technologies and can conduct film viewings threat.

Materials of aesthetic or historical value are placed in this section for proper handling and preservation. This section provides archives collection of the college.