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Goals and Objectives

Teacher Education Program Goals and Objectives


1.To promote and maintain quality Teacher Education program pursuant to the regional and national development goals
2.To train future teachers and leaders in the field of scientific, liberal and technological education
3.To develop and implement relevant and updated Teacher Education curricula
4.To produce relevant educational researches
5.To contribute to community development through outreach programs
6.To encourage innovations and to promote production of goods and services


a.To provide students with broad based knowledge of the tool, professional and major subjects
b.To develop in the students competencies needed in the profession such as curriculum development, lesson
planning, materials development, educational assessment, and teaching approaches
c.To equip students with adequate knowledge to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers
d.To train students to participate actively in the various government educational thrusts and programs through
seminar-workshops and community immersion
e.To provide direct experiences in the field such as classroom observations and practice teaching
f.To hone students’ innovativeness and creativity in utilizing indigenous resources in their locality to improve
the teaching learning processes
g.To imbue students with cultural, moral, social, and spiritual values to become responsible members of their
community through curricular and co-curricular activities