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List of Faculty

1. Dr. Melba N. Magote 2. Dr. Agnes Resalena M. Monteclaro 3. Prof. Araceli S. Sopeña 4. Prof. Ronie P. Canto 5. Dr. Ma. Nancy T. Garillos 6. Prof. Ginafe F. Valderrama 7. Prof. Rafael Rhobeny G. Cala-or 8. Prof. Eisen V. Billones 9. Prof. Celestino S. Gallego, Jr....

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1. To equip students with updated technological skills and knowledge in their field of specialization 2. To conduct technological studies and to utilize research findings to improve instruction 3. To enhance students’ competencies through On-the-Job Training, skills competitions, community extension services and TESDA Assessment 4. To develop students’ entrepreneurial...

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