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Research Services Department


Well – founded institutional research-culture environment


The Reseach Services Department, SIPC-WVCST, Miagao Campus is committed to build a research-culture among faculty and students, for them to be aware of the role of research in the development of the nation.

Goals – Objectives

To develop a culture of research with an awareness of the importance that it brings in order to improve the quality of life of every human being, for the office:

– to provide research capability trainings among faculty, students and stakeholders;

– to plan out programs to improve the quality of life of the people in the community by affecting research products;

– to conduct research activities to answer to the demands of modern times and technologies;

– to serve as bearers of value transformation in promoting goodwill and understanding among citizens of the community and of the country in general; and

– to establish research-linkages with the GO’s, NGO’s and other research-oriented agencies