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Infotech Regains Hinampang Tilt

Banging off the nerves and athletic senses of the four other competing councils, the Info Tech Council emerged as the champion in the Hinampang ’11 Sportsfest, September 14-16.

Bagging a total of 652.5 points, the champion council showed their supremacy in Chess (M), Badminton (W), Jumping Events and Awarded Best in Attendance during the parade.  The BSIT/BIT, HRT, Education and AXE Councils settled as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners-up, respectively.

The BSIT/BIT Council dominated in Basketball (W), Volleyball (M&W), Sepak Takraw (M) and Marathon (W),  the HRT Council edged out in Laro ng Lahi, Table Tennis (W), Swimming, Throwing Events and Vocal Solo Pop.  The Education Council pocketed the Table Tennis (M), Chess (W), Mr. and Ms. Hinampang ’11, Cheering, Dance Sports, Modern Dance and awarded Most Colorful and Most Discipline during the parade.  While AXE Council outscored in Basketball (M) and Marathon (M).

The Sportfest kicked off with a parade of athletes, students and faculty members followed by the opening program at the covered court.  The Glee Club led the opening prayer followed by the raising of national flag by Dr. Raul F. Muyong, campus administrator and Mrs. Ma. Luisa N. Eiman, administrative officer IV.  Mrs. Sandra T. Examen, head of instruction, and Mr. Pacifico B. Aguilar, sports coordinator, headed the raising of the school banner, followed by the raising of WVCST banner by Engr. Noel M. Noche, SIPCTEA President and Mr. Ramon Tuares III, SG president.

The sports’ pitch became boisterous when the raising of the team banner by council chairmen and presidents was done.  Harvey Santacera, Crispen Sealza and John Eric Tolentino, silver medalist in swimming, PASUC VI sports Olympics initiated the lightning of the urn.  Mr. Ramon N. Emmanuel, Jr., chair, PE division, gave the opening remarks followed by the oath of amateurism by Susy Joyce Salcedo, silver medalist, table tennis, PASUC VI sports Olympics.  The council presidents further stirred the spirits of their council in the presentation of competing teams.

“The True essence of triumph is giving your best at all cost and by accepting the bitter taste of defeat whole-heartedly,” Dr. Muyong shared in his message.

The closing and awarding ceremony was held on September 16 after all the sports events were finished.  This year, the Hinampang utilized the single elimination.