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SIPC Conducts Seminar on Gender Issues

The Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College –WVCST Miagao Campus Spearheaded by the Office of Student Affairs Services and the Gender and Development (GAD) Committee, conducted a seminar on gender related issues last September 28 at the college Conference Room.

The seminar aimed to fully understand the social roles and relations between and among men and women.  The participants included the members of the faculty and the student leaders.

The topics presented were “Basics of Gender and Development,” “Violence Against Women and Children’s Act of 2004,” and “Magna Carta of Women.”  Mrs. Emily A. dela Cruz, chair, WVCST GAD Committee, shared her expertise as the invited speaker.  “This seminar aims for achieving Gender equality between men and women in terms of their social roles in our society,” stressed Mrs. dela Cruz.

An open forum followed with Miss Robilinda F. Saquian as the moderator.  Teachers and students addressed various questions to the speaker and shared equal opportunity to air their concerns.

“The role and relations of women in our society should also be tantamount to those of men since God created us equal,” says Mrs. dela Cruz as her final statement.