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SIPC Hosts SG Fed

The SIPC-WVCST Miagao Campus Supreme Student Government hosted the supreme student government federation 5th regular meeting held at SIPC Library on October 17.

The event was divided into two sessions: the SG federation meeting in the morning and symposium in the afternoon.

The SG Fed officers and SG local officers were presented by the SG Federation President, Krisitine Bernadette Barameda from the WVCST Main Campus and Mr. Ramon Tuares III, SIPC SG president, respectively.

The activity continued with the plenary session of the SG Fed officers which ws transferred at the Audio Visual Room.

The afternoon event was symposium on environmental concerns on environmental concerns with the topic, “Transforming WVCST into Green Institution,” a project spearheaded by Dr. Renato M. Sorolla, Former dean of Industrial Technology of the WVCST. He managed the three-hour lecture with the introduction and assistance of Dr. John Eric Juneza, SG Federation adviser. An open forum followed.

“Yesterday is just a history but tomorrow is a mystery and today is the golden day to act for change.” Dr. Sorolla emphasized. The activity ended with a declaration of support and realization of the “Go Green Project”.