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Research Paper Presentation and In-House Review Held

To disseminate research results among the faculty members and to present research proposals, the Office of Research and Development held the Research Paper Presentation and In-House Review on October 26, 2011 at the College Conference Room. The Core Faculty both the Teacher Education and Information Technology Programs attended the research forum. A total of 15 completed researches were presented of which 10 were done by the teachers and 5 were done by the students. On the other hand, 5 proposals were presented.

The titles and researchers of the completed researches were “Organizational Culture and Governance among State Universities and Colleges in Western Visayas: Basis for Policy Formulation by Dr. Domingo F. Nim; “Anxiety, Stress, Coping Strategies and Home adjustment of Student-Mothers: Their Correlation to School Performance” by Mrs. Susie Hope R. Tomol; “Effects of Video Assisted Instruction on Students’ Basic Volleyball Skills” by Mr. Pacifico B. Aguilar Jr.; “Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil as Vehicle for wood Stain” by Mr. Herbert M. Ngirngir; “Correlates of Licensure Examination Performance Among Teacher Education Graduates of Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College” and “Tracer Study of SIPC Teacher Education Graduates 2000-2010” by Dr. Raul F. Muyong; “Tracer Study of SIPC Information Technology Graduates” by Mr. Ramil G. Lumauag; “Level of Print Media Exposure and Academic Performance in Politics and Governance of Third Year BSED Students” by Mrs. Sandra T. Examen and Mr. Edgar Y. Germo; “The Floristics and Community Structures of Mangroves in Antique Province, Panay Island, Philippines” by Miss May M. Sansait; “Hectocotylus Characterization of Indian Squid Photololigo Duvaucelii as One of the Criteria of Maturation Condition” by Mrs. Mae Angeline T. Tajolosa; “Women Characters in the Short Stories of Kerima Polotan-Tuvera” by Elvira E. Bandoquillo, Madeline G. Geroy, Rosenie A. Traigo and Mrs. Veronica E. Fajarillo; “English Proficiency and Mathemetics Performance of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Student at SIPC AY 2007-2008” by Rufina T. Tacsagon, Domingo Godwin G. Eumag, Delvic D. Naulan, Mae Love N. Gatumbato, Ma. Gigi S. Sanguellas, Jojelyn L. Tabular and Miss Linda M. Nulada; “Motivating Factors of Women Barangay Officials to Participate in Local Governance in Miagao, Iloilo” by Maribel O. Cainap, Rachelle N. Efondo, Jouvelyn N. Falguisana, Gezelle M. Lasprilla, Ma. Katherine M. Padulla and Mrs. Marilyn F. Naciongayo; “SIPC-WVCST Computer Laboratory Scheduling System” by Glenn Stanly Labor, Rocel Marie Gelera, Phil Mollenido and Mrs. Remia S. Entusiasmo; “Department of Education Division of Iloilo Teachers Profile Database System” by Rosalinda Garde, Rolly Galvan, Ma. Cecilla Aguilario and Mr. Helmar C. Ea.

The title and proponents of the research proposals were “Job Performance of SIPC Teacher Education Graduates” by Dr. Raul F. Muyong; “Composition and Distribution of Major Taxa of Zooplankton in Coastal Waters of Miagao, Southern Iloilo, Philippines” by Mrs. Erma N. Nacionales and Mrs. Mae Angeline Tajolosa; “SIPC-WVCST Reaseach Portal” by Mr. Ramil G. Lumauag; “Assessment of the File Back-up Procedures of the Major Offices of the College” by Mr. Jason A. Mendoza; and “Self-Efficacy and Academic Performance of First Year Teacher Education and BS Information Technology Students Basis for Academic Guidance” of Mess Herminia N. Falsario and Mrs. Myla N. Conejar and Engr. Joel Ferolino.

The Panel of Reactors was composed of Dr. Raul F. Muyong, Professor III, Prof. Ed. Division; Dr. Domingo F. Nim, Assistant Professor III, Prof. Ed. Division; Mrs. Sandra T. Examen, Associate Professor I, Social Sciences and Humanities Division; and Miss Herminia N. Falsario, Assistant Professor IV, English and Prof. Ed. Divisions. Dr. Muyong in his Closing Remarks thanked and congratulated all the presenters for a job well done. After the proposal presentations, the Panel of Reactors posed some questions and gave their comments of suggestions to improve the papers.