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AXE, HRT, BIT to undergo accreditation

To uplift the quality and standard of its curricular offerings, the Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College – WVCST Miag-ao Campus will be submitting the Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology (BSAT), Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Technology (BS HRT) and Bachelor in Industrial Technology (BIT) programs for the 1st survey visit on Novemner 19-23, 2012.

The accrediting team will be composed of the members of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. With regards to its preparation, committee and orientation meetings were held.

To facilitate the preparation of supporting documents, program performance profile, self-survey instrument and other related accreditation works, the following chairmen were assigned: Area I-Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives chaired by Miss Falsario, Area II-Faculty, Mr. Ramon N. Emmanuel, Jr.; Area III-Curriculum and Instruction, Mrs. Sandra T. Examen; Area IV-Support to Students, Mr. Ely S. Ciasico; Area V-Research, Mr. Edgar Y. Germo; Area VI -Extension, Mr. Arsenio P. Montaño, Jr.; Area VII-Library, Mrs. Sherryl N. Buño; Area VIII-Physical Plant, Mr. Solestino Gallego, Jr.; Area IX-Laboratories, Miss Sharon Rose M. Fio; and Area X- Administration, Mrs. Maria Luisa N. Eiman.

In terms of Infrastructure, the Student Activity Center (SAS) extension, covered footwalk, the SIPC Teachers and Employees Cooperative (TEMPC)-Annex A, newly renovated Conference Room were constructed. The Automotive Laboratory is undergoing a construction for their shop classes.

In line with the preparation, chairmen and members of the different committees were authorized to conduct committee meetings to plan for their tasks and meet the desired requirements.