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Prof. Gunhuran spearheads lab inspection

Professor Haidee Y. Gunhuran, dean, Siquijor State College spearheaded the ocular visit to the different laboratories.

Prof. Gunhuran inspected the computer laboratory and conducted an interview with Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT) students while having their laboratory class. “With regard to your school, students are fortunate enough for the facilities… you are blessed,” says Prof. Gunhuran.

Laboratory Inspection

She also inspected the automotive, cosmetology, foodtech, welding, refrigeration, electrical, electronics, science, fashion and apparel laboratories and examined the facilities being used. Mrs. Sharon F. Famanila, chair, Area IX – Laboratories, ushered Prof. Gunhuran to the different laboratories and classrooms together with the support staff.

“Nakakalamang kayo sa city!” said Prof. Gunhuran. She added, “Your school is very big and clean. We are impressed of the presence of the trees. Your school is an interplay of the old and modern. Old in the sense that some of the rooms look so old but the facilities are all new and modern.”

Mr. Rey Gariando, BSELX Instructor, was interviewed about the electronics equipment and facilities. Prof. Gunhuran also examined and tried the facilities of the automotive laboratories if they function well. She was also entertained by Mr. Alejandro D. Mesinas, BIT Instructor, about the refrigeration laboratory.

“We undergo rigid training to become an accreditor… your Campus Administrator was one of our trainers during our seminars and trainings and that makes your campus unique,”

Campus unique,” stressed Prof. Gunhuran during an interview by Owen Zafranco, literary editor of the Techno Forum.
She added, “The people here are very accommodating to our request… very nice and hospitable. I found Miagao interesting because of the historical church and the two competitive institutions.”