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Dr. Tindugan evaluates Research Office

Dr. Lilibeth Tindugan of Southern Leyte State University, in-charge of Area V, Research Department, conducted the survey and evaluation on the first day of the accreditation, November 19.


The said evaluation is on the checking of the research agenda for the Hotel and Restaurant Technology, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, and Automotive, Electronics and Electrical programs, files, documents and researches conducted by the College.

She suggested that the school must have a research center as a venue for the different research activities.

“It is where we can have the presentation of the researches, defense and hearing as well as in-house reviews. It is an important part of the research development unit, but in order to have this, the school needs to have a budget for the construction…and the center must be adjacent to the research office,” stressed Dr. Tindugan.

Regarding the research facilities, she stressed that they were well-equipped and all the necessary information were there.
“One of the experiences I have learned with regard to the accreditation was, we need to exhaust everything that we have for the best result.” she concluded.