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Accreditation is viewed as a process by which an institution at the tertiary level evaluates its educational activities, in whole or part, and seek an independent judgement to confirm that it substantially achieves its object and is generally equal in quality to comparable institution.

This became the talk of the campus and when we speak of “accreditation” we can have different definitions from the minds of the SIPCians. Let us learn from their comments, impressions and opinions.

 “The HRT Council is well prepared for the accreditation most especially sa food and beverage kag sa amon man nga mga students who would also undergo ambush interview.”

Christian Gelvezon, HRT I-A

 “Preparation is very rigid and the school is able to meet the requirements needed for the accreditation, the school has sufficient funds to finance the needs in repairing and improving the facilities. The preparation for the accreditation is way before a year and continuous maintenance being observed.”

Engr. Cherry Ivy Naldoza, Member, Planning and Development

 “Mayo man nga may accreditation ga dugang tinlo sang eskwelahan ta, ga bag-o ang pinta, bag-o nga mga gamit kag ang palibot sang eskwelahan ka tinlo lantawon.”

Manong Guard

 “I am very confident that we could pass this accreditation because of the thorough preparations that I made with all the required documentation.”

Mr. William Sollesta

“With regard to the accreditation, it is more challenging to us because we are the ones responsible in accommodating the accreditors’ needs, a bit pressured and stressful yet lots of improvement in our school in terms of innovating the facilities and the overall structures of the institution.”

John Eric Tolentino, BSHRT III-A

 “We prepared much with all the documentation facilities, laboratories and all the areas regarding the accreditation.”

Mr. Arsenio Montaño

Head, Extension Services

These thoughts lead to only one goal – that our school be accredited and so with one voice we shout,


(Ronaliza Salazar and John Rey Geasin)