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ISAT U Miagao Puts-up HRT Service Center

Issued last January 7, 2015 and approved by the Hotel and Restaurant Technology Instructors and Dr. Raul F. Muyong, former Campus Administrator, the university constructed a HRT service center which started at the month of August.

“The purpose of this hometel is to upgrade the council’s quality education and expand facilities for effective and authentic environment,” said Mrs. Ria Monsale, Program Coordinator. The said three-story building will served as a place where the HRT students can have their On-the-Job-Training s and Hands-on activities without hassle looking for facilities to be utilized.

“The school administration and HRT students will profit from this center and with this, our university can compete with other campuses. And if we have Alumni visitors, they can rest in the said building,” Monsale added.

The ongoing contruction of hometel center, with the measurement of 28.8 x 19 meters was headed by Celestino S. Gallego, Head of Planning and Development Unit and certified by Marjory M. Morano, Architect.