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ISAT U Miagao Submits 8 Programs for Accreditation

To ensure the quality of education through standard operations and effective implementation of curriculum to the different specific programs, the Administration will submit eight programs for accreditation by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered College and Universities (AACCUP), Inc. scheduled on November 9-11, 2015.

These are the eight programs submitted for accreditation survey visit; Bachelor of Secondary Education for Level III Phase I Survey Visit; Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Technology and Bachelor of Industrial Technology for Level II Survey Visit; and Bachelor of Elementary Education for Level I Survey Visit.

Ten areas will be evaluated for every program. Area I will focus on the school’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives (VMGO); Area II, Faculty; Area III, Curriculum and Instruction; Area IV, Support to Students; Area V, Research; Area VI, Extension and Community Development; Area VII, Library; Area VIII, Physical Plant Facilities; Area IX, Laboratories; and Area X, Administration.

Tiring days and strenuous work gives way for the different committee to be prepared.
Area committees started gathering and compiling necessary supporting documents since the start of the school Year. The physical structure of the school was also improve and renovated as part of the preparation.