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RA 10931 (Free Tuition) Orientation

ISAT U Miagao Campus conducted an Orientation on RA 10931 (Free Tuition) the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Act of 2017 and its implementing rules and regulations last July 11, 2018. The orientation which was attended by parents and students presented the implementing rules and regulations about the free tuition, its coverage and benefits. Policy on the return service system was also discussed as one of the requirement to avail the free tuition. Questions about the free tuition were raised by the parents and were answered by the invited panelists.

The panelist were Dr. Raul F. Muyong, the University President who also presented the Return Service System, Mrs. Karen Catalina Zaldivar, CHEDRO VI Education Supervisor II who presented the RA 10931 Implementing Rules and Regulations, Dr. Azucena Asuncion Echaveria, Director of Student Affairs and Services, Mr. Pedro Funtanalgo, Legal Affairs Officer, and Dr. Sandra T. Examen, Campus Administrator.