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IT Department Trains IP Teachers in ICT

Information Technology (IT) faculty rendered a Computer Literacy Training as part of Extension Services to Camangahan Elementary School, Camangahan, Guimbal Iloilo last April 23-27 and May 2-3. Information And Communication Technology (ICT) aimed to give an equal education access and equality to the students especially to the indigenous people (IP) community.

“To influence IP students, we provided learning experience to become competent in using and learning through technology “, said Prof. Helmar C. Ea, project team leader. IP teachers were trained on how to create documents and documents and worksheets using Microsoft Word and Excel Applications.

“Aside sa function sang university, nami ang feeling kon makaextend ka sang expertise mo sa community “, said Prof. Danilo Genova, project team leader. According to their rationale these applications would enhance their knowledge, develop to their skills and discover techniques in creating electronic documents both personal and educational purposes and would be able to facilitate teaching and learning in more efficient and effective ways.
Together with the faculty members they planned to extend another services to the IP community to help them expand their knowledge in the different aspects of computer.