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ISAT U MC students bagged awards in the International Minecraft Winter Wonders Virtual Camp 2021

ISAT U MC participated in the Heritage Immortalized: Minecraft Winter Wonders Virtual Camp 2021 Building Competition last October 17-November 30, 2021.

The objectives of HERE-I’M WW2021 are to promote cultural heritage awareness among students and teachers, to encourage research on different historical buildings/places worldwide during the festive season, and to develop a nation with creative and innovative thinking skills in problem-solving.

Structure Built: Kinkaku- ji Temple of Japan
Awards Received:
• Perseverance Award
• 3rd Place in Building Competition

Overall result:
Champion: Malaysia (Team A)
1st Runner-up: Malaysia (Team B)
2nd Runner-up: Philippines (ISAT U MC)

Student Builders:
1. Joland S. Satojeto (Team Leader) – BSED 2C Science
2. Jan Moller Nim (World Expert) – BIT Electrical 2L
3. Stephanie Calumpita (Design Expert) – BSED 2C Science
4. April Joy Nalupano (Script Writer) – BSED 2C Science
5. Ludnyle Idan River A. Nequia (Block Expert) – BSED 2C Science

Dr. Edsel O. Coronado

Your triumph will ring through the history of ISAT U MC. We are proud of you!