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Research Office Holds In – House Review

To enhance the research abilities and capabilities of the faculty and staff,the SIPC- WVCST Research Services Department headed by Mrs. May M. Novilla conducted a Research Paper Presentation and In- House Review at the Conference Room on November 18,2009.
This professional endeavor started with a prayer by Mr. Ernesto C. Conejar, Jr. Mrs. Ma. Salome R. Magbanua presented the panel of reactors who were Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, Mrs. Grace Edmar Elizar- del Prado of the WVCST Main Campus, Dr. Raul F. Muyong, Mrs. May M. Novilla of SIPC and Mrs. Teresita M. Nuñal from UPV. The main objective of the In- House Review was to disseminate results of completed researches and to present research proposals for refi nement. The first presentation was on completed researches. The study “Extent of Sports Participation and Study Habits: Their Relation to Students’ Academic Performance” was presented by Ms.Melly P. Reyes. Another study “Work Attitude and Job Satisfaction of Non-Teaching Personnel of SIPC- WVCST, Miagao “Campus was presented byMrs. Mary Jane Muares as researcher. The second part was the presentation of research proposals. There were six research proposals presented namely:The “SMS–Based Notifi cation System” by Mr. Ramil G. Lumauag; “Job Motivation, Professional Development Endeavors and Teaching Effectiveness of the Instructors of SIPC- WVCST Miagao Campus” by Ms. Herminia N. Falsario, Mrs. Sandra T. Examen and Mr. Ricky Andresito P. Naciongayo; “Winged Bean Seeds Polvoron” (Concept Paper) by Mr. Domingo F. Nim and Mrs. Helen T. Montaño; “Communication Capability of Heads of Government Agencies: It’s Influence on Employees’ Attitude Towards Work” by Mr. Ely S. Ciasico; “Digital Multi–Way: A Technical Study” by Mr. Edwin M. Napuli and “Banana Ice Cream “ (Concept Paper) by Mrs. Ria T. Monsale and Mrs. Noeme C. Mosura as proponents. The panel of reactors gave their comments and suggestions that provided insights to the participants and the researchers about research and on how to improve their researches. Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, Director Research Services Division of WVCST Main Campus in his inspirational message encouraged the participants to never stop on researching for new innovations that will be beneficial to the college.He challenged the proponents of the research proposals  to finish their researches and he wanted to come back next year to see the research proposals completed and materialized. The activity culminated with the giving of token and Certifi cate of Appreciation to the panel of reactors and presenters and Certificate of Attendance to the participants. Dr. Raul F. Muyong in his Closing Remarks commended the Research Department headed by Mrs. May Novilla for the success of the activity.