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Library Facilities

1. Listening and Viewing Room

Classes or students who wish to view films, video recordings in DVD format as well as Power Point presentations can make use of the Listening and Viewing Room.

The use of the LVR requires reservation by the faculty concerned three days before the scheduled date of use. Reservation Form is available at the Office of the University Librarian.

2. Online Public Access Catalog

The library is provided with KOHA. It is an electronic catalog that contains lists of all materials in the library. Students are guided on the location and availability of the materials they need for a particular research. Searching can be done using the author, title and subject.

3. Internet Section

The internet section houses the computers for internet access. Students who would like to use the internet should pay the internet fee of Php 10.00 /hour.

4. Phil eLib , Open Access and DOST STARBOOKS.   

The STARBOOKS is an electronic database of materials on science and technology. It is a standalone database.  Library customers who would like to use the DOST STARBOOKS should register at the designated computer.

The Phil eLib provides students’ databases on science and technology. A computer is provided for students who would like to do research on these databases.

Open Access provides researchers access to e-journals and e-books. Web sites are provided for students’ use. The Phil eLib and Open Access are internet connected.

5. Online Journals/Online Sources.

The library has subscriptions to 250 titles of online journals through the INFOTRAC 250. These online subscriptions cover the different major courses offered by the university. There are ten (10) units of computers for access to these journals. It is internet connected. A username and password is given to the library customers so they can access the journals through the internet anywhere. It is linked in the website of the university. Assistance on how to access online journals is provided by our librarians.

6. Discussion Areas.

The library has designated areas in the different sections where students can make use intended for small group discussions.

7. Library Usage Monitoring System.

This is a monitoring system for students visiting the library.  Students are requested to log on in the computer every time they visit the.

8. Provision for PWD’s.

This is provided for persons with disabilities or diverse customers.

9. Individual Study Area.

Carrel are available in this area in the library where individual students can stay for independent study.