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The Librarian

Sherryl N. Buño
School Librarian III

A full-time librarian manages the library. The librarian administers and supervises the total operation of the library.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Attends to all library needs of students, teachers, school personnel and other non-SIPC clientele;
2. Assists students on their research works and queries;
3. Plans library activities and programs;
4. Takes charge of all library materials and facilities;
5. Formulates and implements library rules, regulations and policies for maximum utilization of library;
6. Maintains orderliness and discipline in the library;
7. Conducts library orientation for the awareness of students and teachers about library services and guides clientele on the proper use of library;
8. Recommends title for acquisition of books, periodicals and other library materials;
9. Prepares library budget, evaluates, selects and acquire books, periodicals and other library materials;
10. Classifies, organizes, and catalogues of books and other reference materials.;
11. Keeps record of all library materials;
12. Updates periodical information and information file;
13. Checks book damages or losses and take necessary actions;
14. Evaluates the library collection and services;
15. Takes charge of the inventory of library materials and facilities;
16. Prepares library records, statistics, library forms required and submits programs, budget proposal and reports;
17. Issues library permits to students who wish to research in other libraries;
18. Assists in the shelving and shelf reading of books in the library;
19. Signs faculty, staff and students clearance every end of the semester;
20. Keeps the administration, teachers, personnel, and students informed of the new acquisition;
21. Coordinates with members of the faculty and staffs interrelating with the various parts of library services as well as evaluates work performance;
22. Supervises and directs the library staff and eliminates duties and responsibilities to the staff;
23. Administers and supervises the total library services for functional operation and
24. Does other library related works.