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The Library Staff

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Takes charge of the circulation, reserve, reference, and filipiniana sections.
2. Helps facilitate the use of multimedia facilities and internet service.
3. Assists the Librarian in the following works;
a. sorting, shelving, and arranging of books.
b. attending the needs of students, teachers, staff and other non-SIPC clientele;
c. implementing library rules, regulations, and policy;
d. checking of damage books and losses;
e. guiding clientele in the use of library;
f. making of the inventory of library materials;
g. processing of books, filing and updating information file;
h. maintaining the cleanliness and beautification of the library; and
i. organizing the library materials for accessibility.
4. Records newspapers and magazines for daily circulation.
5. Takes charges in sorting books and periodicals for binding purposes.
6. Encodes and files library records.
7. Assists in the signing of student’s clearance.
8. Gives assistance in the research work of students and other clientele.
9. Takes charge of the statistical records on the use of library and its resources.
10. Repairs damaged books.
11. Prepares library cards for students.
12. Records issuance and return of books borrowed by students and teachers.
13. Records periodicals and magazines.
14. Checks library cards of students entering the library.
15. Does other jobs assigned in relation to the work in the library.

Library Aide

1. Opens and closes the library.
2. Takes charge of the baggage counter.
3. Facilitates the use of listening and viewing room.
4. Serves as messenger for library notices.
5. Maintains the cleanliness in the library.
6. Does other jobs assigned in relation to the work in the library.

Student Assistant

1. Opens/closes the library (windows, doors)
2. Dusts tables and chairs
3. Arranges library furniture
4. Waters plants in the library.
5. Repairs damaged books.
6. Covers books
7. Maintains the cleanliness and orderliness in the library.
8. Assists in charging and discharging of books.
9. Records entry on the daily circulation statistics.
10. Makes and replaces used book cards.
11. Verifies and shelves materials.
12. Serves as messenger for library notices.
13. Assists in locating the books in the library.
14. Does library related work assigned by the librarian.