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Curricular Offerings

Graduate School

Master of Science in Industrial Education
Major in:
Educational Management and Industrial Arts

Master of Science in Home Economics
Master of Arts in Mathematics


Teacher Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in:
English, Biological Science, Filipino, Mathematics, Social Studies
(Level III-Reaccredited December 16, 2016-December 15, 2020)

Bachelor of Elementary Education
(Level I Accredited November 16, 2015-November 15, 2018)

Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education
Major in:
Garments, Fashion and Design, Electrical Technology, Automotive Technology,
Food and Service Management, Electronics Technology, Drafting Technology

Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education
Major in:
Home Economics, Industrial Arts


Computer Studies

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology



Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Technology

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


Industrial Technology

Bachelor of Industrial Technology
(Level II Re-accredited November 16, 2015-November 15, 2019)

Major in:
Food Technology
Fashion and Apparel Technology
Architectural Drafting Technology
Welding and Fabrication Technology
Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Automotive Technology
Electronics Technology
Electrical Technology